Monday, January 23, 2006

Phone companies... Don't ya just love em???

It seems that it's my turn to have trouble with phones!

Firstly, my setup. I have a Telecom home phone with ADSL and a Vodafone mobile. Not that complex.

My cellphone is almost dead. It's got a little "feature" built into it that means that parts of the keypad die from time to time. Can make it very hard to switch on, write text messages, or even take it out of the keyguard mode. It's a Sony Ericsson T610. Not the phone's fault, it's getting old and has had a hard life [mainly from it's previous owner... would that be right Simon??? ha ha ha].

I went to my local Dick Smith outlet as they are a Vodafone reseller. Everybody knows that Vodafone will usually give some sort of credit against the phone if you sign up for 24 months or more. What's more, Vodafone are advertising new 3G phones for $199 [usually $599] if you sign up on a certain plan for 24 months. Do you think that I could get a discount for signing up on my CURRENT plan? Well, according to Dick Smith, about $40...! What?

Phoned Vodafone directly last night, and there might be hope. After all, I've been a customer for at least 9-10 years and they have a good enough reputation. We had a chat, they took my details, and a manager will look at it and someone will get back to me. When? I don't know. In fairness to Vodafone, I do have 5 months left on a plan that I need to honour [and fair enough too].

Looks like my best options are to a) get a cheap phone off Trademe and use that for 5 months then look at other options, or b) struggle with the current phone for 5 months then look at other options. That is, unless Vodafone gets back in the next couple of days with a reasonable offer...

Contrast this to Telecom NZ who have a reputation for pig-like customer service. My home phone stopped working. Noticed this yesterday afternoon [Sunday]. Looked like [and turned out to be] a problem "further up the line" [on the pole outside my house to be precise]. Despite it being a local public holiday today, they got the techie out today and it's all fixed. No dramas, no hassles. OK, they are different sorts of issues, but still...

Only funny thing is that Telecom won't provision ADSL without a phone line connection [they have got you by the short and curlys], but during the time my home line is dead, my ADSL keeps working just fine and dandy.... someone is pulling someone else's chain I think...

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