Wednesday, January 25, 2006

They called back

Vodafone called back yesterday.

I can move to a plan that would cost me $10-$20 per month more and get a (more or less) free phone. Alternatively, I can stay on my current plan and pay $379 (ex GST) for the same phone.

In both cases I would need to sign up for another 2 years (which is fair enough).

Excuse me for being a cynic, but it's either "pay more over time" or "pay more now".

I turned them down. I've got 5 months left on my plan commitment, after which I can move to another provider with no penalties. Now that sounds more interesting.


Anonymous said...

did u get that call bak man? remember i work at vodafone!!! jase

Rodney said...


Yeah, but I decided against upgrading at this time - it would have cost me too much. I'll wait until I am "off contract" as then I have more options [even if I do not really want to leave Vodafone].