Thursday, February 23, 2006

And the motto is... "Formation Flying is Fun!" [and that is an order!]


I've finally managed to fish out one of my old formation pictures.

This one is a [very] loose formation of 3 Grumman American AA1C aircraft in early 2005. When this photo was taken we were a few minuites south of Ardmore airport heading to New Plymouth [then on to Foxpine then Motueka]. Aircraft are ZK-FVS, ZK-FPA and ZK-FVA, all from Auckland Aero Club.

The camera ship is a C172N [ZK-ELU]. I'm in the lead Grumman.

Below the formation picture is a close up of the Mighty Grumman.

Formation picture just south of NZAR. 1xC172N [camera ship], 3xAA1CClose of of a Grumman AA1C, ZK-FVA


Anonymous said...

Hey Rodney,

Nice pics of the planes. When do you get time to do your work with all these ramblings? Ha ha, your canadian friend.

Andrew S

Rodney said...


Always time to take pictures of planes!


Gavin said...

Ah ye olde mighte Grumman!

Rodney said...

Long live the Grumman!

If you see anything you like, let me know and I can send you the hires versions :-)