Friday, March 03, 2006

Wild and Woolly in Wellington

It's probably the worst day weather-wise in Wellington this evening. Wind gusts up to 120km/hr with the airport reporting winds of 60-63 knots [111-116 km/hr] on several occasions. Seas are running at 8-9 meter swells [Cook Strait ferries are cancelled for the evening].

Needless to say, this makes for some awesome sights ready to be photographed. Shame I'm not much good with the camera - most of the ones I got were of a car windscreen covered in seaspray... doh! I did take a couple standing up outside, but couldn't keep the camera still enough... anyway, here's one that turned out all right [It doesn't really do justice to the situation, but never mind] during a calmer period.

Wild and Woolly in WellingtonIn fairness this is by far the worst day so far, and it's been like this in a few places around New Zealand [I realise that one or two of you are ready to defend the lovely Wellington weather to the death... :-) ], but it's still bad.

My flat has been shaken in the wind a few times, but all in one piece so far!

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Gavin said...

That's still some pretty wild weather you've got down there heh heh.

No doub't we'll cop it in Auckland soon enough.