Friday, June 30, 2006

More from Ardmore...

OK, more pictures from my last visit the Auckland/Ardmore... Top to bottom are:

Cessna C182R ZK-SAR parked near Auckland Aero Club
Cessna C172M ZK-DXM outside Eagle Flight Training
Eagle 150B at Dennis Thompson International [aircraft sales]
Robinson R22 Alpha
Cessna A150L aerobat ZK-DNO in which I had a night training flight [awesome!]

Cessna C182R ZK-SARCessna C172M ZK-DXMEagle 150B ZK-EGLRobinson R22 Alpha ZK-HUICessna A150L ZK-DNO


Gavin said...

The Eagle 150 just looks odd lol!

Night flying eh? Fun stuff! It's so different at night.

Rodney said...

Yeah it does a bit, but apparantly it flies performs well enough. Let Chris know that the picture is on here - he'll be able to tell you all about it :-)