Wednesday, August 30, 2006

RNZAF at Wellington

Here are some pictures of two RNZAF planes at Wellington. The first is of a C130H and the remaining 3 are of a B757. If the B757 looks as though it is climbing steeply, then it's probably because it is.... ahh for a lightly loaded, powerful aircraft to play with! :-) Once again, the B757 photos were taken from the hill in Strathmore.

RNZAF C130HRNZAF B757 after takeoffRNZAF B757 gear restractingRNZAF B757 flying away


Gavin said...

Yeah! Saw an RNZAF 757 at Wanaka, doing similar manouvers :-)

Rodney said...

Yeah. I had seen this a couple of times from my house, but was glad to be able to get into position to capture a reasonable photo of it.