Sunday, March 23, 2008

Australian Pilatus PC12

Today's new aircraft picture is of a Pilatus PC12/47 with an Australian registration. VH-OOI hails from Western Australia and it's owners were over for a tour of New Zealand. When pictured here at Wellington, they were getting ready to depart to Rotorua.

This particular machine came out of the factory in April 2007, was flown to Australia and onto the Australian register on 25 June 2007. Given it's young age, it's hardly surprising that it is in immaculate condition throughout.

Many thanks to David [I think I have his name correct] and the pilot for allowing me in to take a look and get a picture of the flight deck! All of the people involved with the aircraft were very friendly indeed.

A couple of things to note from the pictures [apart from just how beautiful the aircraft is!] would have to be the cockpit [lots of glass] and the large cargo door on the left side. The predominantly grey colour with blue underbelly and accents also looks stunning.

Pilatus PC12Pilatus PC12Pilatus PC12Pilatus PC12

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Chris Nielsen said...

Love the cockpit on these.. Beats our 1970's 172 any day :-)