Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ohakea Open Day # 3: Australian F-111

I guess that it's probably best to start at the end. Let's face it. One of the big attractions was always going to be the F-111 from the Royal Australian Air Force [RAAF].

This aircraft was far and away the fastest and noisiest aircraft of the day. Throw in it's signature manoeuvre of a dump and burn and this was a definite highlight of the airshow. The photos in this post are of this mighty beast, firstly on the ground, then in the air. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a decent shot of the closest dump and burn past [unbelievable perhaps, but my memory card filled up at that point and it was a rush to change it! Yes, Chris - I'll look at buying a new one!].

As always, the issue of a fast moving aircraft and a slow moving auto-focus took it's toll, but these are the best of the pictures I did manage to take.

Australian F-111 - from behindAustralian F-111 - front/sideAustralian F-111 - frontAustralian F-111 - takeoffAustralian F-111 - dump and burn #1Australian F-111 - dump and burn #2Australian F-111 - dump and burn #3


Euan Kilgour said...

I got video of the dump and burn but I'm sure there are others who would have uploaded something better to youtube by now.

Chris Nielsen said...

Nice series Rodney... I hope I didn't sound too condescending about your memory card :-)

Rodney said...

Thanks Chris. Actually I got VERY condescending about my memory card when the F-111 started its closest dump and burn pass, and my camera came up "card full"!


I've purchased a 2Gb card off Trademe... waiting for it to arrive now :-)

Rodney said...

The card has arrived, and it works well. Only problem is that 2Gb cards are a tiny bit thicker than 512Mb cards... it's noticably harder to push into my laptop slot [no problem in the camera]. Weird!

Oh well, it works fine. Might try and external card reader and see if that works easier - don't want to break anything :-(

Euan Kilgour said...

I've picked 3 of my best video clips and uploaded them to youtube. Check em out at:

Rodney said...

Nice videos mate! I see there were some on there from other people also.