Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ohakea Open Day # 8: Two indians and a strong dude

The RNZAF know how to display their aircraft really well. Those involved in the helicopter and fixed wing displays certainly lived up to that.

Unfortunately, often, still pictures do not [can not] do justice to the displays or the professionalism of the air and ground crew involved.

Here are a few pictures of the Bell 47G Sioux, the UH-1H Iroquois and the C130 Hercules strutting their stuff.

The Sioux is the RNZAF's basic helicopter trainer. Yes, it's ancient! Still, it's due to be replaced in 2010 by the Agusta A109.

The Iroquois is the RNZAF's main helicopter, and is used for the usual range of "helicopter type stuff" that the military has need for. In addition they are involved in Police, search and rescue and civil-emergency relief type activities. Thankfully, the Iroquois is due to be gradually replaced, starting in 2009 by the NATO-inspired NH90.

The C130 of course is the RNZAF's troop/cargo transport capability [ok, there are also the B757's which are off getting cargo doors fitted at the moment].

In this series of pictures are the Sioux, followed by the C130 conducting a precision cargo drop, and the Iroquois transporting cargo, deploying Police counter terrorism troops, and the obligatory "grab a visitor's car and drop it somewhere"... Ladies and gentlemen, if you're missing your car, and it is a white one, it's over there... :-)

RNZAF Bell 47G SiouxRNZAF Bell 47G SiouxRNZAF C130H HerculesRNZAF UH-1H IroquoisRNZAF UH-1H IroquoisRNZAF UH-1H Iroquois - Hey Chris - was that YOUR car???

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