Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cessna 402 and a Dash 8

No flying today [my wallet would not let me :-( ], but I did get a couple of interesting pictures. First was this Cessna 402c. ZK-VAD is registered to a Nelson address and was filling in for a couple of Capital Air sectors.

The remaining pictures are of an Air Nelson / Air New Zealand Dash-8. I like the first picture because of the rainbow appearing to the south after some light rain. The second shows the Dash-8 parking at... the RNZAF apron. What looked liked a fairly full plane-load of passengers then disembarked. I'm not sure what the occasion was and I was hoping for something more exotic :-)

Cessna 402CAir Nelson Dash-8 and rainbowAir Nelson Dash-8 at RNZAF apron


FLYBOI said...

The Dash wouldve been the Singapore President arriving ex CHC. All handeling done by RNZAF

Rodney said...

Gidday Flyboi,

Thanks for the update. That would certainly explain it.