Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Photos from Auckland International Airport

Here are some pictures I took from Auckland International Airport earlier today. It is so nice getting away from my regular aerodrome and seeing what's available elsewhere.

Top to bottom are:
- Auckland airport control tower
- Britten-Norman BN2A-20 ZK-PIY, registered to a Taumaranui address
- Britten-Norman BN2A-20 ZK-RAE of Great Barrier Airlines
- B737-219QC registered to Airwork
- ATR72 ZK-MCJ of Mount Cook Airline [part of the Air New Zealand group]
- Two fire/rescue training hulls on the southern side of the airport

Auckland control towerBritten-Norman BN2A-20Britten-Norman BN2A-20B737-219QCATR72Fire/rescue training hulls

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