Friday, April 18, 2008

Wellington to Christchurch, return

I had a business trip to Christchurch today, and so [as usual] I took my camera along, just in case I saw something interesting. I flew on an Air New Zealand B737-300 to Christchurch and a Mount Cook Airline ATR72 from Christchurch back to Wellington.

Here are the [better of the] photos I got. The first is of a Polynesian Blue B737-800 at Wellington. It came out surpisingly clear considering it was shot through glass. The next are a few pictures of Wellington City as we climbed out - the Basin Reserve [can anyone advise why the Basin has rugby posts on it? I though only cricket was played there], WestpacTrust Stadium [aka the Cake Tin] and then looking back to Wellington [we took off on runway 34, right to left in this picture].

The last image was of the inside of the ATR72 this evening. Both trips were fairly uneventful apart from a little turbulance both ways, and one of the Mount Cook hosties trying to convince a dance troupe to give us a demo in flight [they did wave their arms around a bit and got a clap :-)]!

One thing that was reinforced again, is that it is sooooo hard to get a good picture whilst climbing at several hundred knots, with turbulance and cruddy aircraft perspex to shoot through :-(

Polynesian Blue B737-800Basin ReserveWestpacTrust Stadium / Cake TinWellington International AirportMount Cook Airline ATR72
(Thanks to ZKARJ for the correction to the original version of this post)


zkarj said...

"we took off on runway 16, right to left in this picture"

That would be runway 34, wouldn't it?

Rodney said...

Ahhh, yes :-) Thanks for the correction - I've corrected the post now.

zkarj said...

Just tell me that was a one off, "I'm sitting at home not concentrating" thing and that if you're PIC you wouldn't make that mistake! ;-)

Rodney said...

ha ha ha... I've never lined up on the wrong runway yet... future results may vary! :-)