Saturday, May 31, 2008

Other Wellington aircraft

Here are some photos of other aircraft at Wellington today.

ZK-TZZ is a Partenavia P68C from Canterbury Aero Club and is a fairly regular visitor to Wellington. ZK-FLC is a Cessna C152, based at Paraparaumu.

The most interesting aircraft was ZK-MUS. ZK-MUS is a Cessna C510 Mustang registered to Acernus Aero Ltd, in Wellington. This is the same Mustang as the one I previously photographed when it was on the US register. It's a very recent addition to the NZ registered, with the paperwork only being effective from 29 May 2008. Quite an appropriate registration also :-)

Enjoy the photos!

ZK-TZZ Partenavia P68CZK-FLC Cessna C152ZK-MUS Cessna C510 Mustang

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