Thursday, November 13, 2008

Qantas and other news

According to recent media reports, Qantas is to reduce their NZ domestic services by around 25% [down to 88 weekly flights] by the end of January 2009. While much of this could be seasonal, it seems likely that the services will not be reinstated later [unless presumably demand increases].

A possibly connected rumour has it that Qantas may be using B737-800's in New Zealand some time early next year instead of the current B737-400's. No confirmation as yet, but if anyone has any information, please leave a comment. If true, there will be Pacific Blue and Qantas using -800's and Air New Zealand still using -300's for domestic services.

Personally, I think that all this is a likely prelude to the arrival of the Qantas low-cost carrier offshoot Jetstar which will take over the local operation. I could be completely wrong, but we will see.

In other news, I'll be flying to the Remembrance Day airshow at Masterton/Hood Aerodrome, 3-6 pm on Saturday 15 November 2008. This should be a good event with a large number of World War One vintage aircraft flying around. I should have a few new pictures for this site shortly after that :-)

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