Saturday, December 06, 2008

What a FANTASTIC day!

Wow! What a day it was today!

The weather was exactly as forecast, with very little cloud and light winds - a perfect day to go flying... twice. The first flight was included two workmates plus the son of one of them. For those that know Wellington, we performed a 16 Sinclair Departure [leaving to the south-west], around the western coastline, past by Mana Island, then to Paramata and an Eastbourne Arrival [arriving from the north-east].

The second flight was the same route with some other friends.

In both cases, it was as smooth as can be. Visibility was around the 30-40 km range. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, which, apart from a safe and legal flight, is most important.

One comment that cropped up from both flights [and comes up in many flights] is just how different things look from the air. I guess that perhaps us pilots can sometimes take this for granted so it's good to get a reminder every now and then.

Unfortunately there were no photos from the flights [the passengers on the first flight forgot while admiring the scenery - that speaks volumes by itself I guess! The photos from the second didn't turn out well enough].

I did get a few snaps of other aircraft though. The first is a Cessna C172M of Taupo Air Services, ZK-DHU. I understand that the pilot was here on a training flight. The second is a Piper PA28-236 Dakota, ZK-EQQ, registered to Air Hawkes Bay. The last is a another [from a 30 November post] picture of ZK-DGI a Piper PA28-140 of a Nelson address.

Taupo Air Services, Cessna C172M, ZK-DHUAir Hawkes Bay, Piper PA28-236 Dakota, ZK-EQQPiper PA28-140, ZK-DGI

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