Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Auckland trip #6: More heavy metal

Every time I go to Auckland, I seem to get photos of an Emirates Airbus A340, and also a LAN A340. This probably has much to do with the fact that if I am in Auckland, it is usually on a Sunday evening. This trip was no exception. We'll see what happens this coming Saturday afternoon when I get to visit Auckland again... another story.

I was especially pleased however to spot this Air Pacific B737-800 landing. Air Pacific is based in Fiji, a country that is currently run by a military dictator. With sanctions in place, the dictator and his cronies can't visit or transit New Zealand [or various other countries], but it is good to see that ordinary Fijians can still visit.

Enough of the politics! I like the paint schemes on all of these aircraft... much more exciting than the Air New Zealand and Qantas schemes :-). Top to bottom are an Emirates Airbus A340 registration A6-ERE, Air Pacific Boeing 737-800, DG-FJG and three photos of a LAN Airbus A340, registration CC-CQA.

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