Saturday, March 14, 2009

Simulated Instrument Flying - Safety Pilot

I got to go flying today, although nothing to log. I got the chance to act as a "safety pilot" for another pilot conducting some simulated instrument flying. It is actually quite awesome to be able to sit there, and, to an extent relax and enjoy the view! Obviously, there's also the requirement to be the "eyes" for the flight, and so keeping a good lookout is critical [and self-preservation is a wonderful incentive!].

It was a fantastic, smooth day for a flight, and so it was all rather uneventful. It's a bit weird looking out and giving instructions... turn this way or that way, climb, descend etc instead of being a passive passenger or the pilot, but I did enjoy myself.

Here are the best of a few photos that I got. The first is looking north up the Wairarapa valley, the second towards to south-east of Palliser Bay. The last is a photo of an Interislander ferry at the harbour entrance on the way back to Wellington. Note the smooth, clear water.

All in all, a very enjoyable flight. Thanks Rochelle!

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