Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cessna 320E and a couple of C172's

First up for the Wellington civil visitors today is a "first of type" for me - a Cessna 320E, ZK-EGN. This aircraft is registered to an Inglewood address and would appear to be the only Cessna 320 on the New Zealand aircraft register.

The next two aircraft both hail from Waikato Aero Club [based at Hamilton Airport] and are a Cessna 172R [ZK-WAM] and Cessna 172M [ZK-JGP]. These aircraft were on a South Island trip, but didn't quite make it due to the weather [for once it was wonderful in Wellington and not so nice everywhere else!]. Good to see that they came to Wellington - a lot of people seem to avoid this airport for some reason. I think that they were heading back to Napier [??] and possibly Taupo today, and hopefully back home to Hamilton tomorrow.


Euan Kilgour said...

Two aircraft I have spent a lot of time in. I went solo in WAM in 2006, but JGP is a personal favourite. As you might have read, we call it the Millenium Falcon because it looks like a shabby 172M on the outside but it will out climb pretty much everything else in the Clubs fleet below 4000 feet.

Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

Yo Rodney,
The Cessna 310 Skynight is the Turbo Charged 200 or more horse power engines and it goes took them 43 minutes from WN to NP and it was only trucking along on Idle about 180knots.

This belongs to Brett Emney. He was dfown for daughters 21st. Bruce the guy thats has the plane next to mine went down also it arrived Friday night zoomed past SD around mid Sat I think it was.

Cheers Nick