Sunday, May 03, 2009

A nice practice flight

I went up for a dual flight yesterday which was a chance to practice those bits and pieces that I really need to practice... FLWOP*, EFATO**, stalls, low flying, turns and circuits. It all went well, with the only "different" consideration being the start of duck hunting season, so we avoided part of the low flying zone... just in case some duck shooter had really bad eyesight :-(

No pictures this time around, too busy flying the plane :-)

* FLWOP - Forced Landing With Out Power
** EFATO - Engine Failure After Take Off - almost the same as FLWOP except you are much lower and slower to start with, so less time to deal with the problem


zkarj said...

"just in case some duck shooter had really bad eyesight"

Given the fact that one has already shot another in Hawkes Bay, I think that was a wise choice. I mean, mistaking your mate for a deer is one thing, but a duck!?

Rodney said...

Mistaking TDJ for a uck would be a bad choice also... if someone shoots me down, I'm aiming to land on them... :-)

Rodney said...

Oh yeah - practiced precautionary landings also.