Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jetstar A320 departing Wellington

Here are my first pictures of a Jetstar aircraft. Jetstar is a subsidiary of Qantas. VH-VQB is one of their A320's operating the domestic routes after the withdrawal of the Qantas-branded B737's from these routes.

It has been a horrible start to operations for Jetstar. On Time Performance [OTP] has been so hideous that within the first couple of weeks Jetstar had to substantially revise their schedules. Combine that with a large amount of negative publicity about people who have been refused boarding due to arriving late/ slow check in queues [take your pick - I don't know what the answer is] and it's been a nightmare.

Hopefully they can sort this out soon or it's looking a little bleak. My pick is that everything will settle down in a few weeks as Jetstar get their operations sorted and travellers get used to a true Low Cost Carrier [LCC] operating model.

Anyway, to the pictures. Quite simple; taxying, rotating and departing.


zkarj said...

Damn! You still beat me to it. I thought I'd get in first until I saw their timetable... breakfast or dinner, neither likely in much light in recent weather.

Well, I went out this afternoon to take advantage of the revised timetable, rushing to make the scheduled 14:45 arrival. I needn't have rushed. JQ268 from Christchurch arrived an hour late at 16:45 and JQ265 from Auckland, that had me rushing, is not due until 18:15!! Three and a half hours late!!!

Rodney said...

These photos were taken at 12:06pm today. I suspect that the only reason I saw this was due to further delays.

On the good side, I didn't see hordes of angry customers chasing the aircraft down the runway demanding to be let on :-) ha ha