Thursday, July 01, 2010

3 Cessnas

Wellington weather is getting back to what we wanted, with another day that was just perfect for flying. Long may it last!

After two PA38 flights this week, I stayed on the ground, but it's looking good for a bit of a Cessna mission tomorrow - more on that tomorrow if the weather holds up :-)

Today's notable visitors were 3 Cessnas.

The first is a C172M, ZK-DWO, registered to a Takapau address. I have to say that this is one of the dirtiest aircraft I've ever seen, with the empennage and tail covered in bird droppings... must be parked up somewhere convenient for a lot of birds...

The second is a C172K, ZK-DEP, registered to a Martinborough address. I didn't get up close to this one [it arrived later in the evening], but looked quite nice from across the apron. Lastly is R182 [retractable], ZK-EKL, registered to Kapiti Districts Aero Club of Paraparaumu. This has had a recent paint job and looked really tidy.

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully a few more tomorrow evening!


QW said...

EKL looks better than the old paint job. Are you able to get some more pictures of EKL?


ZK-BOB said...

is ZK-DWO for sale? I would like to but it.

Rodney said...

QW - sorry - this is it for now. The other ones are very similar.

ZK-BOB - making an assumption here - Cleared to operate in purchasing mode, remain clear of controlled airspace if you are flying that one though.

If that comment makes no sense, apologies - wrong assumption! :-)