Sunday, August 01, 2010

More unsettled weather

More unsettled weather this weekend, so yesterday's planned C172 flight didn't happen.

A couple of pictures from today. The first is Kawasaki BK117 B-2, ZK-IWE, registered to Otago Helicopters Ltd in Mosgiel. This was being backed in to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter hanger, so I assume it is covering maintenance for the usual helicopter [can anyone confirm this?].

The second picture is just to how wet and gloomy it is today. The aircraft is an Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300, ZK-SJB. Just a pity that I didn't capture more of the "rooster tail" out the back.


Joe said...

Rodney, affirm on the Helicopter.

Rodney said...

Cheers Joe

Muppet said...

I think the other Heli is getting an engine upgrade to improve single-engine performance, possibly away to get this done.

Mark said...

a B737 reported the wind at 2000 feet was 337/80... the ATIS also confirmed this - pretty windy day huh Rodney?

Rodney said...

Thanks for the info Muppet.

Yeah, that's pretty windy Mark. Glad it was not that bad on the surface!

[for the non-aviation people visiting, that's about 150 km/hr. Windy!]