Sunday, September 26, 2010

More of those "different visitors"

What follows are 4 photos of the chartered aircraft that arrived yesterday, departing with their passengers.

The first is Cessna 404 Titan, ZK-NDY, registered to Ashburton Air Services. The second is an Air Chathams General Dynamics 440/580 Convair, registration ZK-CIF.

The last is an Airwork Boeing 737-219C, ZK-NQC. This aircraft has a fair amount of history in New Zealand, first arriving in 1982 registered to Air New Zealand [and without the hush-kit on the engines!]. In 2001 it was re-registered to Airwork Flight Operations, where it remains. I'm not sure how many cycles or hours it has, but it is rumoured to be one of the highest-time B737's in the world - not surprising considering it has at least 28 years of service. This aircraft is used for both passenger charters, as well as regular night-time freight runs [as can be seen by the Courier Post titles on the tail].


Anonymous said...

Awesome pic of the 732 hauling out there. Great old machine and so cool to see it still charging about the place. Nice collection of pics from your Auckland visit too. Keep em coming :-)

Rodney said...

Thanks "Deeknow" for your comments. Glad you liked the Auckland series, hoping to bring some different pics over the next few days.