Sunday, November 07, 2010

A quick trip to Masterton: post 1 of 3

I had no plans to go flying today, but Pete invited me to go along for a ride in the back on the Nanchang CJ6A, ZK-MAO [think about it...!] when he went to Masterton [NZMS]. A number of other Club aircraft were there, practicing for the Flying NZ Cook area regional comps coming up in a few weeks.

As expected, it was an awesome ride up there and back [thanks Pete!], especially since we arranged to meet up with a Club Piper PA38-112 Tomahawk, ZK-ESG, on the way back. We had a bit of fun chasing each other around, and finished off with a celebratory barrel roll :-)

Top to bottom, the photos are:

Airborne and downwind for Wellington runway 16
View across to Wainuiomata
Downwind for Masterton
Air to air shot of ZK-ESG
A game of Spot the Tomahawk :-)
Coming out of the barrel roll [nicely done!]
Wide left-base for Wellington, Miramar Peninsula

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