Thursday, November 04, 2010

US Secretary of State visits in a Boeing B757-200/ VC32A

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, arrived in Wellington early this morning on board this USAF Boeing 757-200/ VC32A, registration 99-0003. It's a really nice looking aircraft [what else would you expect?] and is parked up at the RNZAF Air Movements Base apron.


Martin Scharnke said...

The way I read the tail the registration is 90003 not 99-0003.

Rodney said...

Hi Martin,

Yeah, that's just the way the Yanks write their regos up on the plane.



Anonymous said...

I was holding at L1 today and had to move as they were departing for CH. It was an honour.

Anonymous said...

Its a nice jet, the winglets give it about a 5% fuel burn reduction at Mach .80, they also allow reduced takeoff thrust settings or increased payload.
The winglets also give improved speed stability at altitude.