Sunday, May 01, 2011

A little challenge for me...

I've been thinking about a little challenge for me lately.

What I am after is a type rating in a single seater!

It would need to be tricycle gear [I have no tail-dragger time], and I have ratings in various 2 and 4 seat aircraft.

So... does anyone have any suggestions? In particular, do you have any contacts who have a good machine and an instructor, who would be prepared to entertain a type rating by a reasonably experienced, very careful and cautious PPL :-)? Leave me a comment, or better still email me directly [].

I'm based in Wellington, but can travel to any reasonably convenient location.

Many thanks for your help!



QW said...

I haven't across anything that may be of help. Perhaps you could go for a rating in a taildragger then you may have a few more options than with out the tail wheel experience.

Rodney said...

Gidday QW,

Yeah, taildragger is also on my list, along with a night rating. I thought I would start with that which would be most unlikely to work out.

I promise, there is some madness in my method... or the other way around! :-)



Anonymous said...

You could do a Piper Pawnee rating up in Tauranga at the TG Gliding Club? That's 1 seat & tailwheel & a decent plane too.

And probably more madness than method on the one seater front!

More seats the better!

Rodney said...

Hi Anon... yeah, I might need to get some tailwheel experience first methinks :-)