Sunday, July 31, 2011

A cracker of a day!

It has been a fantastic day in Wellington today! Bright blue skies and little wind.

I spent a few hours out at the Club this afternoon watching to comings and goings. It was good to see an almost empty hanger with all of the Club's aircraft out earning their keep. Lots of flying makes for happy planes and much happier people :-) I'm hoping that the Cessna 172 will be back next weekend... I've booked myself in for a dual flight to get back into it (Kia ora Mrs Rudman!).

Photos today are of several of the fleet coming in or getting ready to leave. First up are 3 of the Piper PA38-112 Tomahawks, ZK-JFE, ZK-WAC and ZK-ESG. This is followed by Piper PA28R-201 Arrow, ZK-EIF and finally the Nanchang CJ6, ZK-MAO.

BTW - did you know, that if you're in Wellington and want to see if flying is for you, you can call the Club and book in a trial flight. They are lots of fun, and make great birthday presents also! Call on 04 388 8444, or take a look at our website - click here. Aero clubs around the country offer similar experiences so look them up and give them a call (more info)!


Anonymous said...


Good to hear that the capital has enjoyed some fine flying weather at last. You certainly deserve it!


Rodney said...

Thanks Andrew - it's good to have a few nice days... here's hoping that it's nice next weekend and the Cessna is back :-)