Saturday, July 02, 2011

Flying and not flying

It looked like a good day to go flying today - a bit of cloud hanging around in places, but gentle winds. The club got a fair amount of flying in which is great after several weeks of "on again, off again" weather.

Unfortunately, I was earth-bound for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there was no Cessna 172 available this weekend - the previous C172 left last week and the next one is due this coming week - I'm booked for next weekend though, so here's hoping for good weather!

The second reason is that the RNZAC/ FlyingNZ annual meeting was held at the Wellington Aero Club. It was great to see and hear about some of the things happening around the place, and to catch up with a few people.

One day I really must get a photo of the people I manage to get crammed into my car. It really was funny to see Kevin, Daryl, Tony, Liz and I squashed into the car, front seats all the way forwards, knees up around our ears [well, almost!], then me getting out my hammer to give the engine a little "encouragement" to start! On the other hand, the next person who says there's more room in the back of a Seneca can walk to their plane!!!:-) Seriously though, good to see you guys again!

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