Monday, August 15, 2011

Nasty, nasty, nasty

It would seem yesterday's miserable cold weather with evening snow was not the worst of it.

It appears that Wellington airport is effectively closed with Air NZ and Qantas showing all flights to/ from Wellington are cancelled for this evening. Jetstar shows it is operating [albeit with massive delays], although I suspect that is more to do with their crappy customer service not updating their website.

No pictures from the airport, but here's a couple of others which help to show what it's like. There is ice everywhere, it's bitterly cold and altogether rather miserable. What you can't see of course, is the wind... the house is shaking, or the thunder and lightening :-)

More details on my other blog : 1-in-50 Year Storm


Jetstar said...

Definitely is a wild day in NZ!

Just for an update - some flights have been affected and information can be found on

We continue to review weather conditions and should future flights be cancelled we will to notify passengers via SMS.

People unsure about flight delays should visit our flight status tool before making your way to the airport.


Rodney said...

Hello Jetstar,

Thanks for the information. It appears that your flight status tool is still not up to date (JQ266, WN-AA, is estimated to leave at 4:50pm today and JQ268, WN-AA is "on-time" and estimated to leave at 7:05pm today, and it's now 9:52pm). SMS is probably better for a lot of people anyway, so good on you for having that option.

However, you're right about it being a wild day! 1-in-50 year event they say, and more to come tomorrow. Much better to be wrapped up nice and warm at home I think!

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