Monday, October 10, 2011

Special Qantas flights today

In conjunction with the various Rugby World Cup activities [ok, for their own convenience, but at the same time as the RWC], Qantas put on some special flights into Wellington today.

Unfortunately I missed the 2[?] Airbus A330 flights, but I did get to see this Boeing 767-338, VH-OGG, departing. For Wellington [being a poky little airport by most standards], this is a big aircraft and it is nice to see something a little different coming and going [much like the Air NZ B777 a few months ago].

Here are a bunch of photos, from push back to lift-off, The last one is an extra of a Sounds Air Cessna 208, ZK-TZR, of Sounds Air which landed as the Boeing was being pushed in behind the airport fire station.

[If anyone has some good pictures of the Airbus flights, please leave a comment with a link - many thanks, Rodney]


GlennAv8r said...

Helicopters lift off, Aeroplanes take-off, and you call your self a pilot!

Anonymous said...

Some snaps here Rodney.

Rodney said...

@GlenAv8r - Smart alec :-)

@Anonymous - Thanks :-)