Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hmmmm, it has been a while...

I took a look at when I last flew, and it turns out that it was around 2 months ago! That's a loooooong break for me, and although I did a fair amount earlier this year with Flying NZ Nationals and all that, it's little wonder I'm feeling like a have an itch I need to scratch!

I have a good reason in that I've been saving up for a big trip a little later this year, but I think that I might be in a position to do a bit of itch-scratching later this month or early July. I certainly hope so, as it's getting quite annoying turning up the the aero club just to hang around [as much fun as that can be] knowing I'm not going flying!

What is worse is that today would have been a really good day to head up and off into the sky! Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to jump into the Cessna 172 shortly. I think I'll take an instructor - just who do I select as my victim? :-)

Here's a picture from today of that itch-causing aircraft... Cessna 172, ZK-FLT from the aero club.

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