Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home to New Zealand

After a very enjoyable 3 week trip, it was time to come home. I was travelling on Air NZ [which I always enjoy flying long haul on] via Hong Kong. It's a looooong trip home, although slightly shorter than the trip over, but actually reasonably comfortable [if you get the right seat that is, and I did], and in the inflight service is always very good.

What follows are some pictures of aircraft from the stopover in Hong Kong [ICAO code: VHHH] and the final picture is of the sunrise over the Tasman Sea.

I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of the aviation aspects of my holiday! For the non-aviation sode of things, you can take a look at my world travels blog for those details.

The aircraft, top to bottom are:
Boeing 777-219, ZK-OKG, registered to Air New Zealand - my ride home!
Boeing 777-258/ER, 4X-ECD, registered to El Al Israel Airlines
Boeing 777-237/LR, VT-ALB, registered to Air India
Airbus A340-642, D-AIHN, registered to Lufthansa
Boeing 777-3F2/ER, TC-JJE, registered to Turkish Airlines [the rego is unconfirmed, but likely correct]

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Nicks BIGSKY Aviation said...

The funny thing is one has to return home to see the greatest aviation spectacle in years the MOSSIE.