Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leaving Glasgow for Belfast # 1

Time came to leave Glasgow for Belfast. Good news is that the taxi services are fairly regulated, so it was just under 20 pounds for a taxi fare to the airport. Easy! I was travelling on Easyjet [no the best experience by any stretch - they make Virgin Atlantic look good!!], so I arrived in plenty of time to check in. This also gave me time to walk about and get a few photos.

In this post, I've put a few of the Easyjet photos I took. An A320 and a couple of A319's.

The flight itself was only a 20 minute flight [still enough time to be herded around and treated like muppets by Easyjet], so as is usual, most of the time was spent in the airport. At least the short flight meant less time for the cabin crew to try and up-sell stuff. Oh yeah - it was cold, wet and blowing hard at Glasgow [ICAO code EGPF] - reminded me of Wellington actually, although the flight itself was smooth.

Anyway, here are the aircraft.

Airbus A320-214, G-EZTJ
Airbus A319-111, G-EZBL
Airbus A319-111, G-EZMS

Take a look at that last photo... the aircraft looks rough as guts... and it's not just the lack of a recent wash... glad I wasn't flying on that one...

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