Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another blustery day in Wellington...

... and unfortunately that meant no flying for me today.

Mind you, looking at the effort having to be put in by the airline operators, I'm quite happy to have been on the ground. Photographs don't really do justice to the amount of work that the pilots were putting in today, but what you will see at least is that it was a "dark cloud day", which, combined with the wind, usually makes for a bit more "fun".

Anyway, here are the photos. Top to bottom are:

Cessna 208, ZK-TZR, registered to Sounds Air
Piper PA31-350, ZK-MYS, registered to
Aerospatiale-Alenia ATR72-212A, ZK-MCA, registered to Mount Cook Airline [part of the Air NZ group]
2 x Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQA, registered to Jetconnect [part of the Qantas group]. Note the graphic on the nose of the aircraft, designating this as the 75th Qantas Boeing 737 aircraft

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