Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Philippines Airlines Airbus A330

Thanks to MRC Aviation blog and their heads up on this Philippines Airlines Airbus A330-301, RP-C3333, which arrived at Wellington today. MRC Aviation is well worth a visit, and it appears from that blog that the aircraft was carrying the Philippine President and others.

It's certainly nice to see something this big in Wellington once in a while! There's just one photo this evening - unfortunately I am unable to wait for the departure to get a better shot. If anyone does get a good photo, you're welcome to submit it :-)


[on another note - thanks for all the comments and emails regarding the CAA Medical Unit situation. Click here for the post and keep them coming - I am very interested in your viewpoints, as are others!]


Anonymous said...

I see there is letter in the Dom Post about this aircraft. It appears they believe it is proof that large aircraft can operate from WN, but that the public are being lied to. Note to the World: If you don't know anything about a subject, don't open your mouth about it, unless its to ask a question.

Rodney said...

Ha ha. I missed that one... what a crack up!