Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flight to Whanganui!

Soon after arriving at the Aero Club today I was offered a ride to Whanganui and back.

Awesome! Chris and Rosanna were heading up to the sprawling metropolis that is Whanganui [for anyone outside of New Zealand, Whanganui is neither sprawling nor a metropolis...], so very shortly after the Airwork B737 [previous post] had arrived we jumped in the Club's Piper PA28R-201 Arrow, ZK-EIF, and headed up. Chris flies really well, so it was a very comfortable flight up and back.

After arrival in Whanganui [and noting that the stench was thankfully absent [it's an old news article, but still relevant]!] there was a brief stop to meet up with Rosanna's and Chris' family before heading back.

Photos start with a couple of the aircraft, followed by views of:

Raumai visual reporting point inside the Military Operating Aera M306 [which was not active when we went through...]
Mount Ruapehu [about 50 nm - about 90 km - north] - remember to click on the image for a larger version
the approach into Wanganui AD [NZWU] runway 29
the main aerodrome buildings as we departed
arriving back into Wellington, over the Hutt Valley looking south
the approach into Wellington AD [NZWN] runway 34

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