Monday, June 02, 2014

The Evidence

My passenger from the 13,000 foot flight [click here to read] has sent through some photos from the flight, including the important one! Thanks Amy. Top to bottom we have:

The evidence! Altimeter plus other instruments
Still climbing, but close [middle-right hand side is Wellington, in the distance is the South Island]
Heading back to Wellington, at the Te Marua water reservoir, only about 3500 feet at this stage

I am now wondering if it is worth while getting current in the PA38-112 Tomahawk, to see if it can reach this high??! looks like the service ceiling is 13,000 feet, but that's probably with a factory new aircraft at minimum weights, not a 40-odd year old airframe with an old engine.. I'll see... I need to save some money first!


Chris Nielsen said...

Dude. I tried this in a 152 with full fuel and 2 pob. Got to 10050 and that was as high as it was going to go that day. 13k is well done!

Rodney said...

Thanks Chris! 10050 in an old 152 is good work! I bet if you had less fuel and 1 person you'd make it "easily"! My flight was 1.5 hours, and that included transiting to and from the unrestricted airspace. Cheers, Rodney