Friday, September 26, 2014

A wee bit of exciting news

Today's wee bit of exciting news is that I am heading off to Omaka [Blenheim] in two weeks time to undertake some strip flying training with Marlborough Aero Club. Looks like it is will be a fun weekend with 3 or 4 of us from Wellington Aero Club heading over and back on Sounds Air with 5 hours of training flights each over the two days.

I do remember doing a couple of hours of strip flying training a few years ago, and that was great fun. This should be pretty much mind blowing, with some training at Omaka aerodrome then off to find some of the many strips/ paddocks in the local area! I'll be using one of their Cessna 172's, so at least I'll be competent on the aircraft before I start. I suspect I'll be MUCH better at it by the time I finish!

The only thing I am a little nervous of is the weather. I really hope the weather cooperates so the training can go ahead... else it's an expensive trip to Blenheim for the weekend :-(

There will certainly be some photos to share afterwards... especially of any scary looking strips...

For those that might be interested... here is a link to the MAC website page: Marlborough Aero Club: Strip Flying Introduction

At the end of this, I hope I'll be competent to venture off to some of the more challenging and very scenic locations like D'Urville Island airstrip with a bit more confidence.

Mum - don't read this. Too scary. Oh, too late? :-)

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