Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Help! Info anybody?

Can anyone help?

I'm trying to find out some history of a "trophy" [I'm assuming it is a trophy - maybe it's just a household decoration?]. I received this as a Christmas present. I don't know much about it, but I'm guessing this item has some sort of interesting history... and there's bound to be someone on the interwebs that can shed some light on this.

I don't have much to go on - just the photos I took this evening. There are no markings of any type that would indicate a manufacturer or recipient/ owner. It is metallic, except the base which is wooden. The aircraft screws onto the pole [as shown], but detaches easily [ie: it was not glued]. It looks to be a few decades old and was purchased from a "hospice shop" [second-hand shop], so quite possibly from as part of an estate.

I can supply more photos if needed.

Any help/ info would be much appreciated! You can leave a comment on facebook/ blog or email me direct at history (at) flying.geek.nz




mark said...

My family has a scaled Hudson cast in brass, casings most likely, made by an uncle who flew in the Pacific 1944/1945. Seems it was one of the few possessions returned to my grandmother following the loss of my uncles life on New Britain Island.

Blue Bus said...

There are a good number of such items about. I assume they were manufactured by idle RNZAF ground crew during World War II in "The Islands" . Often - as in this case - they were mounted on an engine valve attached to a wooden base. Some were permanently mounted whist other were balanced and pivoted on top of the valve stem. Most aircraft that I have seen were cast in brass with some being chrome plated.

Rodney said...

Hi Mark, Blue Bus,

Thanks for your help! I've had off-site replies as well. Looks like it *might* have been just pre-war, and appears to be brass and chrome plated as well.