Sunday, December 14, 2014

Looks like the nice weather has arrived!

After a lot of wind, some rain and low cloud over the past few weeks [interspersed with some good days, to be fair...], today has turned out to be absolutely awesome.

Weather comprising of little wind, blue skies and warmer temperatures than have been seen in a long time were very welcome.

No flying for me today, but it looks like a short dual night cross-country to Paraparaumu and back on Tuesday night is in order. It'll be my first night cross-country so that should be interesting, and I need this to [eventually] get my unrestricted night rating ticked off. The weather is supposed to fantastic through to at least Tuesday and maybe Wednesday. I'm not sure there will be any photos [I'll be busy!], but we'll see.

I have no photos from today, but just imagine bright sunshine and lots of happy Wellington Aero Club aviators!

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