Sunday, January 11, 2015

Alliance Fokker F50 arrives in Wellington

A first-of-type arrival for Wellington today was a Fokker F27 Mk 50 [known as the F50], VH-FKO, operated by Alliance Airlines.

This aircraft is operating the Tauck Tours flights within New Zealand, replacing the Air Chathams 440/580 Convairs which have done these tours for a number of years.

As it's F27 Mk50 type code suggests, this F50 is a development of the Fokker F27-500 Friendship. Wikipedia contains a reasonable description of the development and changes, if you are interested.

It appears that Alliance will be operating these flights for up to the next three years [to be confirmed]. I suppose it could be argued that Tauck Tours have gone from one example of 1950's technology to another example [since both the original 340 Metropolitan and the original F27 Friendship are from the 1950's]. It is a pity that another NZ company has lost out on domestic charter work, but that is life.

Anyway, here are the photos. Enjoy!

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