Friday, March 27, 2015

A quick trip to Auckland on Jetstar

I had a quick trip to Auckland today for work. I didn't take my usual camera, so I only had my cellphone. The flights there and back were on a Jetstar A320. I wouldn't pick Jetstar, but then, I didn't book the flights...

The trip to Auckland was rather uncomfortable. Even at only 6'2", my knees were hitting the seat in front of me, and when the guy in front reclined his seat briefly, it was much much worse. Even one hour caged like a battery hen is too much. It was the least comfortable flight I recall every experiencing. On the way back I was allocated an exit row, so heaps of space. Nice and comfy!

Jetstar also appears to a little unconcerned about that thing called "hygiene". The first flight there was rubbish left in the seat pocket, and the second flight didn't have seat pockets, but the floor had lots of crumbs on it, and the tray tables had food/ drink stains that looked like they had been there a while. Maybe I'm just a wee bit to sensitive about sitting in and around the mess of strangers?

Anyway, I got a couple of photos and a brief video at Auckland, and a rather longer video of the approach into Wellington. The sound quality is very poor - I think I was occasionally covering the microphone... Doh! I'll get better with practice [well, maybe! :-)]

Anyway, here we go.

Airbus A320-232, ZK-OXE, operated by Air NZ

Control Tower at NZAA/ Auckland International

HEAPS of legroom on the way back. Much better than the battery hen treatment on the way to Auckland!

Video while taxiing at NZAA/ Auckland International

Video of the approach into Wellington International


minicooper said...

Hi Rodney, not sure how to contact you! Are you going to Classic Fighters this weekend? I may be able to help with a free entry. Let me know if you are interested.

Rodney said...

Hi minicooper, good to hear from you!

Do you have Twitter? @flying_geek
Or find me on FB

Either way you can send me a private msg there.

I was not planning to go over, but happy to have a chat!