Saturday, April 04, 2015

Blunty at Wellington!

The big surprise today was the arrival of a BAC BAC-167 Strikemaster Mk88, ZK-BAC! This aircraft came from Omaka [about 11 minutes!] earlier in the day before heading to Whanganui and back. It is registered to RNZAF Strikemaster Ltd of a Lower Hutt address.

As you can see, I got a good close up look at it [thanks Charles] and it's awesome up close :-)

Not sure there's a lot I can say about it - I think the pictures speak for themselves. The cockpit is snug but quite comfortable even for my 6'1" height, and it's, just, wow :-) About the only things missing are some stores on the wing pylons and the ejector seats have been disabled. You can't have everything, I suppose! :-)


minicooper said...

Whats it doing visiting Welly? Good to see though.

Rodney said...

Hi minicooper. It is owned by a club member who is parking here here for a few days. A really nice plane!