Saturday, May 09, 2015

Prince Harry arriving in Wellington today

The big event for today was Prince Harry arriving in Wellington from Australia on board an RNZAF operated Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7572.

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7572, operated by the RNZAF

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7572, operated by the RNZAF. Note the flag out the window

Welcoming committee for Prince Harry, including the PM and the Mayor

Soon after the formalities, the B757 was pulled forward to make room for another RNZAF aircraft, a Lockheed C130H Hercules, NZ7005. The B757 was then pushed back into the position shown in the final photo.

Lockheed C130H Hercules, NZ7005, operated by the RNZAF.

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7572 and Lockheed C130H Hercules, NZ7005, both operated by the RNZAF.

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