Friday, June 26, 2015

Metflight Now Available to Recreational Pilots!

I have just returned from a CAA AvKiwi seminar, and one of the comments made was that the excellent Metflight GA product is again available to recreational pilots at no charge!

The website address is:

Logging on for holders of a valid Part 61 licence is by using your Part 61 licence number and the Initial Grant Date ["Issued" date on older style licences] of that licence [printed on the bottom right of the licence]. For Part 149 certificate holders, contact your organisation for details of how to log on.

This is a great safety bonus for recreational pilots, and is something that all pilots should use, especially when venturing away from your home airport :-)

Login example for Part 61 licence holders is:


Scott said...

Happy days. Great to have it back.

Rodney said...

Yeah, sure is!