Sunday, July 05, 2015

Today's aircraft

Aircraft from today's visit to Wellington airport are a couple of Sounds Air Pilatus PC12/45's, an Airwork Fairchild SA227-CC, an Air NZ Airbus A320 and a Fiji Airways B737.

First up are the two currently flying Pilatus PC12/45's, ZK-PLZ and ZK-PLS, which are operated by Sounds Air. They have obviously not had their planned repaint, which will be very welcome when that happens. Sounds Air's third PC12 has been repainted and is now undergoing scheduled pre-entry refurbishment.

Pilatus PC12/45, ZK-PLZ, operated by Sounds Air

Pilatus PC12/45, ZK-PLS, operated by Sounds Air

Next up is a Fairchild SA227-CC Metroliner, ZK-POF, which is operated by Airwork. As previously noted, these aircraft are about to the sold [maybe scrapped, but I guess probably sold], so it won't be long until all we have are memories of these fine aircraft.

Fairchild SA227-CC, ZK-POF, oerated by Airwork

Air New Zealand continue to acquire more Airbus A320-232's. This one, ZK-OXF, is July 2014 addition to the fleet.

Airbus A320-232, ZK-OXF, operated by Air NZ

Last up are two more pictures of a Fiji Airways operated Boeing 737-808, DQ-FJN. This is the same aircraft as seen last weekend.

Boeing 737-808, DQ-FJN, operated by Fiji Airways

Boeing 737-808, DQ-FJN, operated by Fiji Airways


minicooper said...

Great set Rodney, I have not seen the Metroliner before. Just a heads up, OXJ has been delivered and will make an appearance soon!

Rodney said...

Thank you!

Aptis Aviation said...

Well explained with specific images. I love your article theme.

pauanui aerodrmome said...

Just saw this in Taupo yesterday