Saturday, January 07, 2017

Pencarrow Arrival into Wellington

Here is a brief video of a Pencarrow Arrival into Wellington, starting just east of Turakirae Head and landing on runway 34.

It was rather breezy, a northerly and I was south of the terrain... hence the bouncing around.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your videos, nice work!

Andrew M said...

I can't get the Tomahawk to go that fast. What throttle setting do you use?

Nice videos.


Rodney said...

Thank you Anon.

Andrew - I'm using a "special blend" of fuel. It makes a Tomahawk fly as fast as a real aircraft. any faster and it'd be a C172 :-)

Andrew M said...

Ah, the special fuel. I've heard whispers about that. You'll have to show me the secret bowser next time I'm down at the club.

Rodney said...