Sunday, February 26, 2017

RNZAF 80th Anniversary Tattoo at Ohakea

I went to the RNZAF's 80th Anniversary Tattoo yesterday - a lot of fun. It is going to take a long time to sort through the photos I want to share, but here are a few as a starter.

You'll see from the photos that it was a clear, sunny day [too hot really] but also with very little wind. I think I would have preferred some cloud cover to reduce the heat a little... but better than raining and a howling gale! 

These photo are of a few of the aircraft on static display. the next few posts will include some more of these, plus some of the flying.

This way to fun!

Lockheed C130H, NZ7002, operated by the RNZAF

Boeing C17A Globemaster III, A41-212, operated by the RAAF

Boeing KC-135, 62-3561, operated by the USAF

Boeing F15SG, 8323, operated by RSAF

Boeing KC767J, 97-3603, operated by the JASDF


Polky said...

18544 l/n 612 f/f 17.05.63 62-3561 USAF 04.06.63 KC-A KC135 -R Ohakea 25-Feb-17

Rodney said...

Thanks Poly. You know, I googled and googled and never worked it out... now I google again with your rego and it come sup. Doh! Thanks!