Thursday, April 20, 2017

More from Isle of Man to London City

Here's the next post from my Ronaldsway [EGNS], Isle of Man to London City airport [EGLC]. This one actually has some pictures from the flight :-)

First up though are three other aircraft on the airfield. First is an Eastern Airways-operated British Aerospace Jetstream 41, G-MAJC.

British Aerospace Jetstream 41, G-MAJC, operated by Eastern Airways
Next up is another British Aerospace model, a Swedish-registered BAe ATP, SE-MHD. This is operated by West Air Sweden.

British Aerospace BAe ATP, SE-MHD, operated by West Air Sweden

Here is another picture of the Stobart Air-operated ATR-GIE ATR72-600, EI-FMK. This had done a return flight from Ireland between the photo in the previous post and this one.

ATR-GIE ATR72-600, EI-FMK, operated by Stobart Air

Next up are a few photos of my ride home. It's a SAAB 2000, G-CDKA, which is operated by Eastern Airways. It's actually quite nice to fly in, albeit quite old and getting worn out. This was the same aircraft as bought me from London City a few days previously.

One small sort-of grip is that despite paying for seating, I have yet to sit in the paid-for seats... the first time I was shifted back towards the rear [looks like centre of gravity issues as more people were in the 3 rows behind me than in the 15 rows in front!]. This second flight I was asked to move to an exit row which was actually quite nice! Much more leg room and the seat still reclined :-)

It seems that British Airways [maybe it's a European thing??] don't like to leave exit rows unoccupied. Hurray for that rule and a plane that was almost two thirds empty! :-)

SAAB 2000, G-CDKA, operated by Eastern Airways on behalf of British Airways

Heaps of leg room!

Important instructions.

The view heading towards London.

This last photo is just a teaser :-) More later!

Reims/ Cessna F150H, G-UFLY, operated by Isle of Man Flight Training

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