Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Been really busy...

It's been really busy the last few weeks!

Auckland Aero Club is having a competition practice day this weekend (weather permitting). Should be interesting. We'll have a landing grid set up, where the objective is to land an aircraft smack in the middle of the thing. Sounds easy. Yeah right.

I'll be flying a Grumman American AA1-C trainer aircraft (as above) - it's got a fairly quick approach speed for such a small aircraft (70-75kts), but when you pull the power off it tends to try and fall out of the sky (which can a good thing if you're trying to land on a spot!).

Actual competition day is early October at Whitianga aerodrome which should help to sort out the men from the mice - and find us a team for the regional comps in November.

Competition rules are as per the RNZAC rules (

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